Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY: Spot Treatment to Reduce Redness/Size

Isn't it lovely when you wake up in the morning with a lovely new blemish that decided to move in over night?.... 
No, he needs to pack up all of his stuff and go back to where he came from, immediately. 

Sadly, blemishes don't care if they're unwanted and will show up whenever/wherever they please. But I have found a very successful treatment that will reduce the redness of that sudden blemish and slightly reduce the size...So 20 layers of concealer is not needed to cover the blemish! 

What you will need: 
»A clean face
»Aspirin (or Ibuprofen)
»Small bowl

NOTE: DO NOT use this treatment if you are allergic to Aspirin or Ibuprofen! 

Why it works
Aspirin/Ibuprofen contains anti-inflammatory properties, and also an ingredient that is quite similar to salicylic acid (which is commonly used in acne treatments). Both these combined help reduce the swelling and redness, and will also help treat the spot. 
Step 1- 
Place one tablet of Aspirin (coated or not, doesn't matter) in a bowl, then add a few drops of water. You want to achieve a thicker paste, So use only a small amount of water at first and add more if needed to create the paste. 
You can let the tablet dissolve in the water, or to speed up the process just crush it up with a knife and start mixing it into the water to create a paste. 
Step 2- 
Then, with clean fingers (or a Q-tip) dab the paste onto the spot and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. The longer you leave it on, the better. 
Step 3- 
After the product has been given time to sit on the spot, take a damp towel or tissue and wipe off the product gently. 
The end results should be a blemish with reduced redness and size. 
*This treatment can dry out the area, so be sure to moisturize generously after treatment. 

I use to suffer from a good amount of breakouts, nothing I would consider severe acne, but I did have problematic skin in my earlier years. I would use this all the time on any blemishes that I would have in the morning. When it was time to put my makeup on after using the treatment, I realized I was using a lot less concealer to cover my blemishes.

I hope this was helpful...Never let waking up to a pesky blemish ruin your day!



  1. I'm always battling blemishes and I gave this ago the other day.. I've gotta say it looked much better the next morning! Thanks for the heads up. x

  2. Great post! I used to do this quite often but I'd leave it as a mask all over the face, and when I washed it off I would rub it around like an exfoliant. I also added honey which is anti-bacterial so perfect for pimples!
    xx Ash Beauty For Thought

    1. Yeah I have heard of it used as a mask before, never tried it before though! Thank you!

  3. this works and i would suggest adding visine to get red of that redness. if the zit is popped (not recc'ed) it will shrink it and the redness!

    1. Visine's such a good idea! Thank you.