Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer Review

Hello, my names Mariah.. and I am a concealer hoarder.
I crave perfect skin and have gone through tons of products to find it. After trying most likely every drugstore concealer available, and not being 100% satisfied with either, I dished out the mere $5 for this concealer without having high expectations.

What they say:
"Skin tone adapting concealer. Conceals signs of fatigue, highlights and illuminates the eye area. Soft brush for the delicate under eye area." -Rimmel  

 My opinion:

This product blew me away and is one of the best, if not the best, drugstore concealer available. 

This Product retails between $4-6 for 0.23oz

     The consistency of this product is a dream for my under eye area. It offers a creamy medium/light buildable coverage, and even though it offers good pigmentation, it is a very lightweight formula that doesn't cake up or feel heavy even after two layers. 
I have minor dark circles, but I do suffer from extremely dry under eyes and most concealers tend to cling to my dry areas and accentuate them, this lovely product does not emphasize any of the dryness. 
     This concealer is also dubbed as a highlighter, no worries there is no glitter/shimmer involved, but I do see some illuminating properties. When used under my eyes -in the oh-so famous Kim K triangle- it does seem to liven up and bring an overall brighter appearance to the area.
This product does need to be set with a powder, especially if you have finer lines for it to crease in, but once it is set it stays put without any excessive creasing. 

Fair/Light Swatched

As for skin tone adapting, if I let it sit on my skin for a few moments I can see slight change in color, but this could just be oxidization. I use Fair for my skin without a tan (it is still lighter than my skin, but I use a shade or two lighter for my under eyes), and Fair/Light when I have a tan. Both shades fit me fairly well without even giving them time to 'adapt' to my skin color.
Rimmel does only offer a small range of 5 shades, the selection that is offered should be able to fit a variety of light/medium skin tones, but the shades do not seem to cater towards deeper skin tones.

I do use this to cover up redness and problem areas and it does a great job, and I love how I can add a second layer (if more coverage is needed) and it will not come off cakey looking! 

I have purchased multiple tubes of this product and will continue to do so. I still consider the NARS concealer my favorite at the moment.. But this product is the best concealer, at least for the under eye, in the drugstore that I have come across and I highly recommend it. 


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