Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara Review

I use to be all for drugstore mascaras thinking mascara wasn't worth a splurge... Then i fell in love with the YSL Babydoll mascara and jumped on the band wagon for high end mascaras, which lead me to stumble upon the Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara.
I had originally gone to the Chanel counter for the Le Volume De Chanel, after hearing many great reviews, but it turned out to be waaay to dramatic and overwhelming for an everyday mascara. 
So after being slightly disappointed,  I was still on the hunt for a new mascara so I tried out the Inimitable Intense while I was at the counter and ended up leaving that little charm.

What they say:
" This technologically advanced formula build on the success of the original mascara (The Inimitable), delivering dramatic effects with a unique brush. The result is a more intense lash look, with the same easy application. Lashes appear longer, thicker and more curled, yet each lash, even the finest is still precisely separated- without clumping, spiking, or flaking" -Chanel

 My opinion:

To start off with a conclusion- I love this mascara, plain and simple.

For more detail...

     This mascara wand offers a straight head with a slight point at the end. The bristles seem to be a medium between natural haired bristles and rubber.. It's a flexible rubber I guess (I'm great at describing I know).
I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else, but one to two times weekly I somehow poke my eye out (at least that's what it feels like!) with a crazy/jumbo shaped mascara wand... Anyways, I luckily have not poked any eyes out with this wand it seems like the perfect size and shape to maneuver through my lashes. 

                       Bare Lashes             After One Coat of Chanel Inimitable

     This mascara is everything I look for and nothing I don't. It adds length without becoming spidery, and volume without clumping. This mascara seems to give my lashes something I can only describe as a wispy/fluttery effect.
The beautiful black pigment stays put for well over 10 hours without any flaking and I'm not left with extremely "crunchy" lashes, but it is stiff enough to hold a curl. 
After one coat this mascara leaves my lashes looking defined, volumized, and lengthened. 
With two coats everything intensifies, without overdoing it. 
The formula builds beautifully and I only started to experience excessive clumping on my third coat.

Just as claimed it defines and separates my lashes beautifully- I love the fact that this mascara adds volume, without clumping my lashes together!

This is a great mascara, and I have nothing bad to say about it. 
Do I prefer it over my YSL Babydoll? I have no idea.. 



  1. Great post! Makes me want to try luxury mascara products. I see the huge difference!

    1. I have found that (if you get the right high end mascara) it can actually be worth the money, not just because of the amazing results, but they seem to last a lot longer than drugstore mascaras!
      Thank you!