Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara Review, and Photos

 I never really thought mascara was a product that I needed to indulge in, there are so many good drugstore options out there, and for a quarter of the price. Is this luxurious Yves Saint Laurent mascara really worth the price?

What they say:   
"With one stroke our brush and patented formula magnifies your eyes through the innovative structure of dual-length bristles and intense color pigment for defined volume that last for 24 hours.  The multifaceted brush alternates thick, widely spaced bristles to coat and magnify your lashes, while finer, more closely spaced bristles define even the shortest lashes, one by one, from the root to the tip."-YSL

I purchased this in the shade in 01 Black, It retails at $30 for 0.2oz

My opinion:

I have a decent amount of lashes and they have some length.. So I look for a mascara that adds more volume, and not so much as length, just because when a mascara claims length it will tend to make my lashes spidery. 

To start off with the claims, this is definitely the most pigmented black mascara I have ever come across; one swipe coats my lashes with an extreme black color payoff.
 I am not exactly sure what YSL means by 'magnifies your eyes' but I do feel that this mascara makes my eyes appear wider / more opened.

                                                                                                                                                                    The formula itself is not too dry and not too wet, whatever they did with this formula is fantastic. Along with the formula, they did a brilliant job on the brush, as they said, it coats all my lashes and in one swipe from the root to the tip. I am satisfied with one coat, I feel that it gives me the length and volume I want with absolutely no clumpy-ness or spidery lashes. I have done two coats for a more dramatic look and it builds up nicely without excess clumping. 
Before-Nothing on lashes
After one coat of YSL babydoll mascara

What I love most about this mascara, even though it is long wearing, it does not feel heavy on my lashes or crunchy. Having stiff/crunchy lashes is my biggest pet peeve in a mascara. I experience no flaking or smudging with this mascara.  This products lasts me the whole day, I have not tested it for 24 hours, but believe it would stand up to its claims. 

I can say this is the best mascara I have ever tried and worth the money. This has not in the slightest dried out from when I originally opened it and I have had it for over a month, and there still seems to be a good amount of product in there (this is from everyday use). So to me it is worth it since drugstore mascaras seem to be good for a week or two and then suddenly the formula changes.
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