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Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream review and swatches

If you are unfamiliar with BB creams, I highly recommend you reading one of my go to blogs: Musings of Amuse's blog post all about BB Creams here.
Although her post will tell you what BB creams are and what they are supposed to do.. Once they started coming into the US market about 2 years ago, the US seemed to miss what the key factor in a BB cream was...the coverage. I have never tried a Korean/Asian marketed BB cream(yet), and have only tried drugstore BB creams, This is my first higher end BB cream. Continue reading to see if this BB cream actually lives up to its name.

Onto the review..

What they say:  
"Primes: wear alone or under your favorite foundation to create a smooth canvas.
Perfects: Tinted formula in 5 shades evens out skin for a flawless finish
Hydrates: Improves skin moisture in 4 weeks. Guaranteed.
Protects: SPF 35 guards against UVA/UVB rays.
Controls Oil: Minimizes shine with no chalky finish."

This retails at $39.00 for 1 oz.

My opinion:
      I can't say anything bad about this product because of the claims. Even though I have not tried BB creams that originate from the Asian market, I know that it does not live up to the name of a true BB cream. It does however live up to Smashbox's claim, and it blows away any drugstore BB creams that I have tried.
This comes in a squeeze tube and at first glance the formula seems on the thicker side, but once you start to blend it out it turns into a thinner consistency.
This line only offers a range of 5 shades, which isn't much, but because of how sheer the formula is I feel that a majority of skin tones could use this. I got the shade Light, It has more of a yellow-leaning more towards orangeish undertone.

It is definitely a tinted formula with sheer coverage. Even though it doesn't offer much coverage, It does however, even out my skin tone by slightly reducing redness and just giving an overall improved appearance to my skin.
When first applied, my skin looks dewy and can feel slightly tacky on the skin, but after a few minutes it sets into the perfect finish. It makes my skin feel smooth to the touch and leaves a natural finish.
For the claims of it controlling oil, I'm not really the best person to test it out. I have dry-combo skin, and by the end of the day I can have some shine (especially in the summer months) but I am not super oily. With this I have not experienced hardly any shiney-ness even after 10 hours of wear in 80+ weather. (I do always set my t-zone with a translucent powder, so not sure if it would do the same on its own)
I can wear this alone for a day to day basis, just to enhance my skin a little bit, But I usually prefer more coverage. So lately I have been using this as a primer underneath my Dior airflash foundation.
I thought the foundation was good on its own, but with this BB cream as a base my foundation lasts even longer and looks even more flawless.
In my review of the Dior foundation (review here) I mentioned how I have to layer the foundation to get the coverage I want (which is a waste to me seeming how it is a $62 dollar foundation), with this as a base I only use one layer of the Dior and the finish/coverage is flawless.
I can't say for a fact if the claim that it improves skins moisture in 4 weeks is true, because I have only been using it for about a week. However, I can say while I'm wearing it I feel that my skin is kept hydrated -not oily- and also when I take off the BB cream my skin has felt smoother to the touch.

I believe those who do not look for much coverage in a foundation, but just look to perfect there skin will love this as there 'foundation'. To someone who looks for a higher coverage like myself, I would recommend this as a primer; It evens out skin tone and makes a very smooth base for makeup application, as well as keeping  makeup looking  fresh and lasting all day.

Not exactly what a BB cream is supposed to be, but for an American BB cream this is the best I have tried.

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