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Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation Review

What they say:  
"Seamlessly blur imperfections and control shine for up to 10 hours with this satin-finish foundation. The weightless, micro fine pigments of InstaBlend technology ensure color lays down seamlessly smooth so you can build to your desired coverage level—from light to full—for a flawless look every time. Mineral-rich red algae extract protects the skin from environmental stresses and helps smooth the skin for a soft-focus, airbrushed finish that lasts."  -Sephora

My opinion:

When I came across this little gem at Sephora, I couldn't pass it up. What if this $26 foundation was a dupe for my newly beloved $62 Dior airbrush foundation?? What if it was better...

     I believe this foundation is a newer release from Sephora, I know that they use to carry a similar airbrush foundation and I'm not sure if this is just repackaged or reformulated as well. But whatever they did, they did an excellent job!
I had high hopes for this foundation, thinking that maybe, just possibly, this would be an alternative for the lovely Dior foudantion.. Of course I wasn't expecting this Sephora foundation to even come close to the Dior, but this product blew me away. 

This Product retails at $26 for 2.5oz
(Dior retails at $62 for 2.3oz)

     The Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush foundation is a certainly a good competitor for the Dior Airflash foundation. I have been switching out these two foundations daily, trying to determine which one I like the most, and it comes pretty close. 

Just like the Dior Airflash, this foundation is extremely light weight on the skin, even if a second layer is added. It blends seamlessly and leaves behind a beautiful finish. Though the finish is like the Dior, leaving behind a natural skin finish, this foundation has a more matte finish where as the Dior has a more radiant finish. The finish is not completely matte, but just as described, a gorgeous satin-matte finish. 

The thing I love the most, is the coverage I get with just one layer! The coverage was the downfall for me with the Dior foundation; I'd say it is about a medium to slightly light coverage, where the Dior was more sheer/light. I apply the Airbrush foundation with my Sephora Mineral Brush, and it buffs into my skin almost effortlessly. 
I do use this over my Smashbox BB cream, which doesn't add coverage but just seems to calm down my redness a bit. Once my BB cream is applied, one layer of the Sephora foundation and my  skin looks amazing, with almost no problem areas showing through. I use the same brush to stipple a bit more product on the areas I want to add extra coverage to, pat it in with a dry beauty blender (to get rid of any streak marks), and the product shows no signs of caking up and still looks flawless. 
I set this foundation with my Mac MSF, and this foundation lasts me through my day. And by the end of the night, when I'm about to remove my makeup, the foundation is still there with only showing very minimal signs of fading.

Light shade after it oxidizes
Light shade before it oxidizes

I purchased the color Light and when it first sprays out of the bottle the color looks like a pretty good match (it does have more of a pinker undertone than I prefer though).  But let it sit for a few moments and the color has turned a not so attractive orange color.*as swatched above* Although if I apply the foundation to the back of my hand and immediately apply it to my face, the foundation does still oxidize a bit on my skin, but it does not pull an orange undertone. 
The foundation is a shade or so darker than my face, but still lighter than my body (I never tan my face). To even out my the colors I use the Mac MSF in medium plus over the foundation to set it, which matches my tanned skin perfectly. 

I do suggest trying out the color in store if possible, and let it sit on your face for a few minutes to make sure it doesn't turn orange or too dark of a color. 

Swatched Left to Right: Sephora, Dior
I prefer the Dior in color because it offers more of a natural color/undertone compared to the Sephora foundation. I would say the coloring is the con of this foundation, but since I have found ways to work with it, it doesn't really bother me anymore.
These products are extremely comparable and even I'm surprised I'm saying this; I think I just may enjoy the Sephora Airbrush Foundation more than the luxurious Dior Airflash Foundation. Don't get me wrong, the Dior is amazing, the Sephora foundation just has more of the qualities that I am looking for. This is a beautiful foundation, and I consider this as my favorite foundation... at least for now!

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