Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer in Adjust

What they say:   
"Color correcting, wrinkle reducing, and dark spot defying - talk about a miracle product! Create a perfect canvas for foundation application and even out skin tone with this silky, lightweight blend of antioxidants and vitamins A & E. The formula helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores for visibly softer, younger-looking skin. Wear under foundation or alone for a velvety-smooth finish. ADJUST is green-toned to reduce redness." -Smashbox

My opinion:

The Full size Product retails at $38 for 1oz 

     I have larger pores on my nose and center of my face, that most foundations tend to accentuate if I do not use a primer. Therefore, when I shop for primers, I look for one that will fill in those pesky pores, smooth out my skin, and hopefully make my makeup last longer. 
I picked up a smaller size of this primer because I had tried the original primer from Smashbox in the past, and although it wasn't my all time favorite primer, I do remember enjoying it. 
It's claims sounded like my cup of tea, and the best part was the fact that it was tinted green, which is supposed to counteract redness. 
Now, I do not have severe redness, but I do have redness around my face (cheeks, chin, sides of nose,) and more prominent redness on the top of my nose. Which I usually rely on my foundation to even out my redness, but the fact that a primer might be able to do the job sounded lovely! 

     The problem is that it did a good job making my face nice and smooth for foundation application... but that's about it. The primer doesn't do it's primary job, which is reducing redness. 
I did see minor color correction, but that would only be after I used a second layer of primer (I don't recommend layering primer, I just did it to see if there would be any type of result.) The texture of this primer is almost mousse like, and blends into nothing (which I tried to show in the swatches above). I'm not sure how the green is supposed to counteract redness when there isn't any color payoff... 
The primer also didn't help much with one of my bigger problems, which are my pores. As I said above it did live up to the claim of making my skin smooth, but barely filled in my pores. 

I have read some great reviews on this primer, So I am not sure if I got a faulty product or what.. but I would recommend the original primer over this color correcting primer.

I love the idea of this primer, but it just didn't work for me. 
I do plan on testing out some other green tinted primers in hopes that maybe one will do the trick! 

Mariah } 

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